More than 300 soccer training exercises

All exercises are classified by recommended age and categories according to nature: Tactical, Technical, Physical, Globalized, Specific, Psychological and Strategy.

Each exercise contains a moving graph that facilitates understanding. A different turn includes information such as: description/development times and repetitions, difficulty, field dimensions, necessary physical elements, etc ...

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Areas and ages

More than 300 soccer exercises divided by age and by areas: Tactical, Technical, Physical, Globalized, Specific, Psychological and Strategy.


All exercise graphics are moving facilitating rapid comprehension by coach/trainer.


Each exercise has a brief explanation/description along with the graph.

Specific Objectives

In addition to the division of the objectives ins areas, each exercise has specific objectives: control, shooting, passing, speed, lower body strength, etc ...

Needed Items

Establishing both the recommended dimensions as the needed physics (pivots, spades, cones, etc ...)


As added value, in each of the exercises is explained how to progress, impact and what to avoid.




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